To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. - Buddha


Why are you so enchanted by this world, 
when a mine of gold lies within you? ~Rumi




"I have been attending Niamh’s Yoga classes for over 3 years now and after every class I feel significantly more open, grounded and calm.  
The classes are so well planned & flow perfectly with just the right amount of challenge.  
Niamh’s approach is always upbeat, practical & positive and she is excellent at clearly describing the small adjustments that need to be made in order to perfect a pose.  
She is an absolute wonderful individual and always a pleasure to deal with.”   Catherine Griffiths

"I started with Niamh's practice to help improve my body. And it has definitely done that! 
But I keep coming back because it helps so much with my mind and with my soul. 
Niamh is a wonderful technical teacher, so my physical yoga practice is always improving, but what's most important to me now is that it's a beautiful meditation. 
I always feel refreshed, calm, strong and with an open heart after practicing with her. 
She has such a great energy, and I love sharing it with her.”  Judith McMahon

Yoga = strong body, strong mind.
Yoga strengthens and lengthens all muscles groups in the body.  Yoga creates increased mobility and flexibility, while toning the body at the same time.  Yoga brings great peace of mind.
Your teacher, Niamh Condron, focuses on specific postural alignment during her Yoga Flow classes, for injury prevention and recovery.  She makes it very clear what poses to do and how to do them safely.  Niamh teaches Yoga sequences that encourage internal body systems, such as digestion and circulation, to work efficiently so that your body is nourished from the inside out.   Using the Yoga breath tools for healing & enlivening body & mind, Niamh’ s class will leave you feeling invigorated and renewed, while completely calm and relaxed too. 
Yoga is very ancient!  Yoga means UNION!  Union and oneness with yourself with the aim of bettering yourself and the world you live in.  Creating a positivity within your body & mind which seeps beautifully outside into the world you inhabit.  It is practiced & loved by many people - all over the world.


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YOGA WORKSHOP 2018 - Ireland


What a wonderful opportunity to start the very first day of 2018 on a flow of Yoga love, inner growth and outer strength.

Monday January 1st
Taylor Centre Studio, Bray, Co Wicklow, Ireland
from 12.30 to 2.30pm,-6.1137517,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x4867a87daa7fbcdd:0xf0a0c45d6354f989

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Yoga FLOW Intermediate Level;  The Intermediate class produces increased mobility, flexibility and strength through a challenging yet manageable class.  Niamh focuses on body alignment in poses during the class while teaching sequences that will elevate your energy levels.  Breath work is taught that assists an internal cleanse leaving you feeling refreshed and glowing with good health.

Yoga FLOW Beginner Level;  With specific instructions you will work from head to toe, slowly and carefully, in a challenging yet manageable way.  Students receive gentle attention to help built strength and flexibility and to invoke a peace and clarity of mind and energy.

Yoga FLOW Mixed ALL Levels;  Slow and steady class, with modifications to suit your needs.  Attention to detail given in order to be fully aware of safe and efficient postural and physical alignments.  Safe and grounded practice that stretches and strengthens safely.

“Heaven is a place with many doors and each may enter in his own way." - Hindu Saying

“Niamh’s class is the best yoga class I have ever attended. There’s great personal attention from Niamh, a variety of poses that are mixed up every week and a beautiful location in Bray. It’s simply a brilliant work-out for body and mind.” Aoife Stokes

“Best yoga class ever! Niamh mixes it up all the time and I’m constantly learning. I love how relaxed and de-stressed I feel after this class. It really helps brings balance and calm to my busy schedule.”  Kate Zanchetta

“I have been an enthusiastic student of Niamh's classes for some time now…… a wonderful opportunity to focus on ones own practice in beautiful surroundings with a very gifted teacher who manages to support everyone to work at a pace that they are comfortable with.  I achieved a strong sense of mind & body well being that stayed with me long after”.  Maura O'Loughlin

Niamh Condron

Yoga Teacher, Dance Artist, Director

Niamh Condron trained as a Yoga teacher with Annie Carpenter at YogaWorks, Los Angeles, USA in 2010.  This training was based on a combination of the Iyengar & Ashtanga Yoga lineages.  Niamh has a BA in Dance from Northern School of Contemporary Dance, UK, since 1999.   Her professional life is in working in dance, yoga, authentic movement, somatic re-patterning movement & body-mind healing work such as the Alexander Technique and Body Mind Centering.  These are Human Movement Potential techniques designed to create good physical and mental health and well being.  Niamh has been working in the field of Contemporary Dance for 20 years and Yoga for 7 years, in Ireland and abroad.  She currently runs a children's Saturday Creative Dance school called Dance Kaleidoscope for Kids, for boys and girls ages 3- 7 years.  Niamh is also currently a Yoga teacher at Westwood Fitness in Dun Laoghaire and has been guest Yoga teacher in Goorus Studio, Los Angeles, CA.  She has been a Yoga teacher with studios in Ireland such as My Core Strength, Hot Yoga Studio, Yoga Dublin, Sunrise Yoga Studio, Dance Theatre of Ireland, My Yoga Body, Outdoor Yoga, UCD Sports, ZEST Fitness Centre, 21st Zentury Studio, Greystones Yoga Studio and Luisne Spirituality Centre.

Private Personal Training Available

One hour private/ semi private Yoga lessons.

Individual attention and assistance.


Corporate/OFFICE Yoga Available

Yoga at your office during lunch, or after work.


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Fullness & Freedom Workshop


With Yoga Teacher Niamh Condron

3 hour workshop on Sunday January 24th 2016 in Goorus Yoga, Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles. 

This three hour Yoga workshop will focus on finding optimal positioning of the head, while freeing the neck and shoulders. We will aim to alleviate the posture problems of a 'forward head' or a 'pulled back head'. When the neck is positioned well the torso falls into a safe and steady alignment in which all the systems of the body work efficiently and effectively. By releasing the neck and shoulders, other muscles groups throughout the entire body will wake up and work more consciously. The positioning of the head and neck effects the mechanics of the entire body - arms, abdominals, hips and legs.

Sunday January 24th 2016 2-5pm

Goorus Yoga

45 $

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